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Beijing (AFP) - China's greatest track and field athlete Liu Xiang announced his retirement Tuesday, with the injury-plagued Athens 2004 gold medal winner saying he had "no choice" but to bring down the curtain on his trailblazing career.

"From today, I will end my life as a professional athlete and retire formally," the 110m hurdles star said in an online post.

"This is a decision made after long deliberation. I am deeply reluctant and feel pained, but I have no choice," he added, on his verified account on Sina Weibo, China's version of Twitter.

The 31-year-old's retirement is likely to spark an outpouring of emotion from Chinese sports fans, despite the news being widely expected, particularly since reports last week that an announcement was imminent.

The Shanghai-born athlete has become loved for his heart-breaking setbacks as well as his achievements after he burst onto the scene in Athens to claim China's first men's track and field gold. There are many websites that sell all sorts of exceptional collectable art décor. Available products range from garden statues or a foo dog to an Aztec calendar or Celtic cross. They may be original works of art or replicas that you and I would be comfortable having in our home on a daily basis. We would like to take a few moments to look at some of the pieces that we have stumble upon recently. Asian Foo Dogs Known as a Foo Dog in the west, Chinese guardian lions or stone lions, were thought to have mythic protective powers. For this reason, Foo Dog pairs are often seen at the entrances of Chinese Imperial palaces, Pinoy Tambayan , government offices, temples, and the homes of government officials and the wealthy from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220. A Foo Dog is the guardian of the Teachings of Budda. Traditionally, they were carved from decorative stone, such as marble and granite or cast in bronze or iron. Because of the high cost of these materials and the labor required to produce them, private use of Imperial guardian lions was traditionally reserved for wealthy or elite families. Indeed, a traditional symbol of a family's wealth or social status was the placement of Imperial guardian lions in front of the family home. They are generally seen as a pair. The male placed on the left of the entrance and the female on the right. You can own your own Foo dog pair made from marble that has been bonded with high quality resin, with an antique stone finish at a very reasonable cost. Aztec Solar Calendar The Aztec calendar consisted of a 365-day calendar cycle called xiuhpohualli (year count) and a 260-day ritual cycle called tonalpohualli (day count). These two cycles together formed a 52-year "century," sometimes called the "calendar round". The xiuhpohualli is considered to be the agricultural calendar, since it is based on the sun, and the tonalpohualli is considered to be the sacred calendar. This one is a replica of the original Aztec calendar that is said to be able to predict war, feast or famine, and other important events in the world, and runs 17" high. The original piece was designed at an impressive 11 feet high. With its unique history, it can quickly become a beautiful focal point in your home. Moon Fest Jewish Calendar Like many calendars before Roman times the Hebrew calendar was a lunar calendar. It was based on the moon as well as the sun. It was a wonderful calendar in that the phase of the moon gave an indication of the day of the month. Anyone looking up into the night sky could get some idea of the day of the month. If they had recorded when they first saw the new moon then they had a celestial calendar they could use with some good accuracy. And amongst the populace at large they knew the month of the year in which the moon above them was shining. The first day of any given month was determined by the first sighting of the new moon. This lunar calendar wall plaque represents the celebration of the Jewish lunar calendar. The Hebraic script for the months (center ring) is transliterated into phonetic English (outer ring). A Jewish lunar calendar could prove to be the perfect gift for the astrologer in your life. Celtic Cross with Continuous Knot The Celts were the ancient inhabitants of much of Europe. A spiritual people, their rich mythology and symbolism later merged with the Christian beliefs they embraced to create a distinctive art seen especially in Ireland and Scotland. The Celtic Cross is known throughout the world as the emblem of Celtic Christianity and it can be considered the symbol of Celtic-ness itself. Celtic Crosses began to appear during the fifth century A.D. Its shape is derived from a pagan sun symbol, the sun wheel, which later became a symbol of the Christian Godhead. The sun wheel was originally a cross surrounded by a circle with a center stone representing the sun and mock suns at the four quarters. The stone at the center of the circle also represents the navel of the world. The stone pillar of the cross also embodies phallic and fertility characteristics. The cross represents eternal life; its horizontal axis being the earthly world and the vertical axis the heavenly world coming together as the union of Heaven and Earth. Celtic Crosses are imbued with continuous and interwoven knot and spiral motifs symbolizing the continuity of life, death and rebirth. Celtic Cross of Cupplin This too comes in a 12" high design. Originating in 1000 A.D. in Forteviot, Scotland, the cross is old fashioned in design and certain to turn heads. It owes its design to the sun wheel, which is a common Pagan design. Commonly, you will find this form of Celtic cross will include a crucifixion scene, Catholic Saints, or other religious symbols. Degas Little Dancer of Fourteen Years One of the most popular pieces by Degas, a man that was best known for being a painter, he found the truth in an important piece that has come to mean so much to people. Considered a late bloomer, he didn't begin his journey until he was in his late forties, and interestingly enough, his studio had more than 150 different wax models that did have the girl dancer. These sculptures have been crafted with honesty, and you can feel the life in them. The Kiss by Rodin This was designed originally to reflect the love between Francesco da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta, and immortalized in this beautiful piece called, The Kiss. It was intended to be part of the artists Gates of Hell series, but decided to keep it as an individual piece. This piece is considered a beautiful part of eroticism, and its excellent craftsmanship will fit perfectly in any contemporary home. Hands of God Rodin designed this amazing piece. In this representation of creation, two powerful hands are crafting both man and woman. It is simple in design, yet powerful in message. The original was crafted back in 1896, but this modern version is available in your home and comes in at just 11" high. Cathedral Clasping Hands One of Rodin's passions was hands. Those who went to his studios during his life were treated to seeing hundreds of different designs, and this one wasn't any different. Crafted in 1908 in Paris, this pair reflects the Gothic arch. The Thinker Rondin's most famous sculpture is available for your home. Originally crafted in Paris back in 1881, this powerful piece was originally a nod to Dante, but it has quickly taken a more modern concept of an individual being deep in thought. This is one of the more intriguing pieces, and an essential piece for any home. Moses for Tomb of Julius II Crafted in 1515 A.D., Michelangelo crafted this inspiration for the tomb of Julius II from Moses. Here, Moses is depicted holding the ten commandments in his hand, and comes complete with horns that symbolize the rays of light that are often seen around Moses' face. All of the items mentioned can be found at Love Those Gifts, and each will fit into your home perfectly. Some will vary in size, and all are of an excellent quality.

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The Suspenseful Horror Flick – All Pinoy Drama Serials

The movie is an inspiration from the novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker. The story is a complicate confrontation of humans and bloodsuckers. Pinoy Bigbrother (Drama Channels) is simply the worth watching horror movie of this year. Do not miss it if you are frenzy about horror movies especially showing up the vampires. The thrilling suspense of this movie will keep you up throughout the movie. Each scene will keep you bewitched and you will feel that cold wave going through you that the real time horror hour leaves.

Pinoy Bigbrother (Drama Channels) Movie’s Credits and Cast

Pinoy Bigbrother (Drama Channels) is a production by Michael De Luca and Thomas Tull. Gary Shore has directed this movie. You will watch the story helped by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Ramin Djawadi has created music for Pinoy Tambayan (Drama Channels) with all the creepy sensation. John Schwartzman has done the cinematography part. The studios involved are Legendary Pictures, Michael De Luca Productions and Relativity Media.

Universal Pictures holds the distribution rights. Pinoy Bigbrother (Drama Channels) cast stars Luke Evans (Vlad Tepes), Sarah Gadon (Mirena), Dominic Cooper (Mehmed the Second), Samantha Barks (Baba Yaga), Art Parkinson (Ingeras), Charlie Cox (Cazan), William Houston (Cazan), Ferdinand Kingsley (Hamza Bey), Noah Huntley (Captain Petru), Dilan Gwyn (Governess), Zach McGowan (Shkelgim), Ronan Vibert (Simion), Diarmaid Murtagh (Dimitru), Noah Huntley (Master of the Guards), Thor Kristjansson (Bright Eyes), Joseph Long (Omer), Matthew Nesbitt (Castle Guard) and Ash Cook (Hero Boy).

Synopsis for Pinoy Bigbrother (Drama Channels)

Pinoy Bigbrother (Drama Channels) shows up the story of a fresh solicitor who travels from England towards a Dracula’s castle to handle a case. This seemed simple to him but later he, his fiancée and friends faces serious consequences by the inevitable situation created by Dracula.

A young solicitor has sent to Dracula’s castle, by his employer to resolve some estate issue. The Dracula traps and bounds him to remain there. Somehow the solicitor manages to get rid of the castle meanwhile the Dracula leaves his castle to accomplish his mission. The weird happenings start and gains attention. The Dracula goes after the solicitor’s fiancée by making a web around her friends.

All the friends of comes to the trap of Dracula soon. The close female friend of solicitor’s fiancée becomes a vampire after the projected plan by the Dracula. The rest of friends then try to bring her back to the real state. Soon the solicitor approaches his fiancée and tie knot with her. The couple is now the target of Dracula. Now both of them have to confront Dracula to find their way towards a peaceful life. Dracula approaches the wife of the solicitor and establishes a spiritual connection with her by exchange of blood. It becomes a challenge to break this connection. Dracula goes back to castle and rests in his chest. His guardians become active against the solicitor. Finally, the solicitor makes his way to save his wife and gets out of the castle. Their friends assist them and they kill Dracula.

Pinoy Bigbrother (Drama Channels) Review & Verdict

The true fascination lies with the movies encapsulating the story about the bloodsuckers. Pinoy Bigbrother (Drama Channels) is a nice and creepy extension of the confrontation between the humans and bloodsuckers. Enjoy the mysterious watch on October 17, Drama Channels.